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Commercial Refrigerators In Singapore | A Buyer’s Guide

Running a foodservice operation or require commercial chillers? Here is a rundown of possible refrigeration equipment and appliances that you may encounter and its uses.

1. Chest Freezers With its thick insulation area, convenient size, and low temperatures, you can rest assured that this commercial freezer will preserve your products longer.

2. Glass Door Display Chillers Easing the selection for customers and restocking of products, this appliance not only chills and displays merchandise but also increases convenience.

3. Cold Room This room-sized freezer is ideal for storing bulky and large quantities of perishables.

4. Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers Undercounter fridges are a great choice when faced with small spaces given Singapore’s limited land space.

5. Open Case Chillers This is an alternative to the commercial glass door chiller. Commonly seen in convenience stores in Singapore, it gives customers the option to simply grab and go.

6. Commercial Wine Chillers Wine connoisseurs understand how temperature affects the taste development of wine. Store wines in commercial chillers that accommodate to its optimal serving temperature, available in Singapore.

7. Cake Display Cases Display your baked goods with these cases that double as a merchandising tool. Engineered with a see-through panel, customers will have a clear view of the treats offered.

8. Floral Glass Showcase As its name suggests, these are specifically built for the storage and display of fresh-cut flowers. Some come with special features such as ethylene regulators to extend the life of plants.

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With Singapore’s strict food and safety regulations in play, decisions on the essential refrigeration equipment should be made thoughtfully. KQF understands the fundamentals of proper storage and refrigeration and offers dozens of options to meet your every need.

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