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2.5-FT Plug-in Open-case Chiller 1500mmHT


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  • Dimensions: W750x D600 x H1500 (mm)
  • Temperature: 3 - 8 °C (Ambient Temperature: 25°C)
  • Electrical: 220V/50Hz/1-Phase
  • Socket: 13A
  • Clean and neat presentation of food items 
  • Comes with digital controller 
  • Night curtain for energy conservation 
  • Automatic defrosting 
  • Note: Unit requires ambient temperature of at least 25oC

Perfect showcase for cold beverages and grab-and-go items in convenience stores, supermarkets, cafes and other operations. The white exterior provides a clean overall appearance. To draw greater attention, each unit comes with a top lightbox where you can add advertisements. On top of that, the two glass on both ends helps to increase visibility thereby creates greater impulse sales. The unit comes with LED on each shelf showcasing your products and keeping items properly organized. Digital controller is installed on the front allowing easier control and monitoring. Each unit comes with sturdy castor wheels and threaded stopper. Furthermore, the unit comes with a night curtain which helps to conserve energy after operating hours. This unit is equipped with a self-evaporation feature which does not require any drainage.