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Kerry Chest Freezer 4FT Curved Sliding Glass Top


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Curved glass, Freezer


Installation type Plug-in
Width 1243 (mm)
Depth 620 (mm)
Height 910 (mm)
Capacity  330 Litres
Defrost Manual 
Temperature  ≤ -18oC
Electrical 220/50Hz/1-phase
Plug1 13A
Opening Sliding top (left/right)


1 Electrical wall socket(s) to be provided by customer within 1-meter from equipment, do not share equipment with heating equipment

  • Curved display, sliding glass top
  • Comes with wheels
  • Comes with lock and key 
  • Digital temperature display  
  • Thick insulation to conserve energy 

Perfect horizontal display freezer suitable for ice-creams, frozen food products and any other frozen items.

This unit comes with a lock and key to keep your frozen items safe.

Each unit is equipped with a digital temperature display on the front which allows easier temperature monitoring. 

Thick insulation to conserve energy.