FUKUSHIMA_GALILEI_Stainless_Steel_Upright _4-doors_Chiller

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FUKUSHIMA GALILEI Stainless Steel Upright 4-doors Chiller


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 4-doors Chiller


Model URD-120RMC
Temperature -5°C to +10°C
Type Chiller
Dimensions W1200 x D800 x H1950mm
Electrical 220V/50Hz/1-phase

URD-120RMC is the all new face-lifted stainless steel upright 4-doors chiller.

The doors, front and side panels are constructed with made-in-Japan stainless steel.

Comes with adjustable shelves to keep contents properly organised. 

Ergonomically designed handles offers a easier grip.

Furthemore, chiller units are able to operate between -5°C to +10°C suitable for restaurant usage.