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Kerry Plug-in Island Freezer 5FT


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Freezer, sliding glass top


Installation type Plug-in Plug-in Plug-in Plug-in Plug-in
Width 1250 (mm) 1500 (mm) 2000 (mm) 2500 (mm) 1915 (mm)
Depth 890 (mm) 890 (mm) 890 (mm) 890 (mm) 890 (mm)
Height 880 (mm) 880 (mm) 880 (mm) 880 (mm) 880 (mm)
Defrost Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Temperature -18oC
Electrical 220/50Hz/1-phase
Plug1 13A 13A 13A 13A 13A
Opening Sliding glass (Left, right)


1 Electrical wall socket(s) to be provided by customer within 1-meter from equipment, do not share equipment with heating equipment

Crown unit to form island front and end (Curved glass on two ends)

  • Sliding glass design
  • Removable dividers
  • Internal LED Light
  • Large display area
  • Automatic defrost
  • Self evaporation - No drainage required, drainage piping not required

Perfect choice for display and storage of frozen items in convenience stores, supermarkets, and other operations.

Internal LED provides clean and bright illumination to showcase your products. Each unit comes with sliding glass that is removable for easier reloading.

A digital temperature display is installed on the front which makes temperature monitoring easier.

Comes with durable wheels which allows the unit to be placed anywhere for added versatility.  

With the self-evaporation feature, no drainage would be required.

The unit is equipped with automatic defrosting feature which does not require removal of ice along the internal sides of the cabinets.