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Commercial Microwave Ovens in Singapore

The microwave is one of the best kitchen inventions in the modern world. It is convenient to use, does not burn food easily, uses less electricity than a conventional oven, and prepares food faster and healthier than other methods of cooking. A commercial microwave does just that, and more.

Despite its effectiveness in the kitchen, many F&B businesses in Singapore still rely on a domestic microwave to carry out the huge responsibility of heating up food for their customers. While adequate, these ovens usually do not make the cut when it comes to prolonged use.

Benefits of Commercial Microwave Ovens

Commercial microwaves are specifically designed to meet the demands of a professional kitchen. They can withstand heavy usage and high food volume. Here are some key factors that set a commercial microwave oven apart from a domestic one:

1. No Turntables

We know that most domestic microwave ovens come with a glass turntable nestled within, to help heat up the food evenly. As commercial microwave ovens are designed to contain larger amounts of food which are usually on wide plates and bowls, a turntable would be an ineffective feature. Our commercial microwave ovens are powerful and can distribute heat evenly without the need of this additional accessory, and this makes the oven easier to clean, too.

2. Practical Use & Speed

Domestic microwaves are built for light use, such as heating up a bowl of soup, or leftovers from the night before. In contrast, its commercial counterpart is made to withstand hours upon hours of continuous use, and do not break down as easily. The difference in power also means that you can speed up your cooking time, which is especially important when dealing with fussy diners. Most commercial varieties are also constructed with stainless steel, which makes them easy to maintain and are highly durable.

3. Programmable Functions

With a wide range of programmable settings, your food can be cooked conveniently. It is also easy to train staff to operate the commercial microwave oven, and maintain a level of consistency in the quality of your dishes.

Quality & Power for your Kitchen

We boast a wide selection of commercial ovens, including microwave ovens, that will enhance your professional cooking experience. Trusted by many F&B businesses in Singapore, we promise to deliver quality with every product. Discover the range of microwave ovens and other commercial kitchen equipment today.

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