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Advantages of Display Fridges For F&B Businesses in Singapore

When products need to be chilled, our glass-fronted display fridges and freezers in Singapore are best at merchandising products whilst providing consistent storage conditions for perishables. Other benefits include:

1. Marketing strategy

An appliance that doubles as a chiller and a marketing tool? In addition to keeping things at the perfect serving temperature, our glass door display fridges in Singapore are an excellent way of attracting customers by offering them a clear view of what is offered.Tactful product placement will have customers reaching for more, driving sales.

2. Easy to Clean

The maximum visual impact is easy to attain with a simple damp cloth as glass is an easy material to clean. Easily identify products that need to be restocked and attract customers with neatly organised products that remain clearly visible from the outside with minimal effort.

Top-grade Display Fridges in Singapore

At KQF, we offer commercial glass door chillers and freezers in both upright or under-counter styles. Our upright fridges come with single, double, and triple door options. Thermostats are also set between 3 and 8°C so that drinks can be served at a refreshingly cool temperature.

The freezers are set at -18°C and have capacities up to 1455 litres making it ideal for meats and bulky items. The compact counter chillers make the most out of the limited space while its internal LED lighting highlights products even in dark premises.

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KQF understands the importance of a well-lit display refrigerator. From our glass door series, units such as commercial display fridges, counter chillers, and upright drinks fridges are available to suit the requirements of your business in Singapore.

Contact our professional consultants for more information on our range of products and services. We will aid you in finding the perfectly sized unit that will best suit your needs.