Open-case Chiller

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Open-case Chiller

What is an open-case chiller? Refrigeration Options In Singapore

Open-case chiller also known as multideck are reach-in refrigerated display chillers with an open front. An open-case multideck chiller is used for storing chilled products such as beverages, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

The open front design allows customers to grab items easily and boost greater sales impulse. The open-case multideck chillers are equipped with LED lighting to create a stunning display of grab-and-go items. The side glass panels will increase visibility and increase sales. These open-case multideck chillers are great for supermarkets, cafes and restaurants.

Open-case multideck chillers can come in two types – remote systems or plug-in systems. Plug-in open-case multideck chillers will have the condensing unit located at the bottom of the unit while remote open-case multideck chillers will have the condensing unit located remotely.

Choosing The Right Display Chiller For Your Business In Singapore

With the various types of open-case multideck chillers available for sale in Singapore, choosing the right appliance based on your needs is important. From budget, size, number of shelves, type of refrigeration system, the option that best suits your business goal and customer needs would make an ideal choice. Simply ensure that the supplier is a trusted source and can meet your needs.

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