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Cold Room Design Needs

Cold rooms or walk-in chillers (or freezers) are large refrigerated rooms designed for the storage of huge quantities of foods and raw items such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and flowers.

Cold rooms are available in multiple dimensions, installed with features for optimal temperature management.

Most walk-in chillers in Singapore are not designed to bring the temperature of food down. However, at KQF, we customise each unit with the necessary equipment and refrigerant system to handle your demands.

Benefits Of A Cold Storage Room In Singapore

Walk-in chillers have multiple functions. With an adjustable temperature functionality between -20°C and 30°C, turn your walk-in into a drying room or a freezer by simply increasing or decreasing its temperature.

The installation of a cold storage room in your establishment in Singapore also saves you money in the long run.

Bulk purchases of food and raw items are common for most hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets to ensure sufficient inventory and also to take advantage of the attractive discounts.

These food and raw items will become unsafe to consume if not kept refrigerated or frozen at the right temperature.

By storing these purchases at the correct temperature, shelf life increases, and food wastage decreases, saving money in the long run.

For Your Cold Room Needs, Contact KQF Singapore

As specialists in the supply and installation of new or reconditioned cold rooms and refrigeration equipment, K&Q Fatt Singapore takes great pride in advising our customers on the right refrigeration storage solution for their businesses. Made with high quality, bespoke, or 'off-the-shelf' and we will be with you as your business grows.

We also provide first-class service to our clients. Our skilled engineers are trained in cold room repair and will ensure plans to dismantle or refurbish walk-in chillers in your facility in Singapore are done efficiently.

For more details on the right cold rooms for you and how we can custom design each walk-in chiller to suit your needs, contact our team of specialists in Singapore.

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