Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Your Food Establishment

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment For Your Food Establishment

If you are running a food retail store, the cooking area lays the core foundation of the business as it is where all the action takes place and chefs create. The work stations in restaurants must be outfitted with commercial kitchen equipment built to suit the demands of a restaurant.

Normally composed of various stations, a restaurant requires a wide array of commercial kitchen equipment. Depending on the size and needs of the F&B business, every cooking station should be equipped with:

  1. Refrigeration System: Commercial Kitchen Refrigerator and Freezers

The integral part of any cooking space is the refrigeration system that stores items at safe temperatures.

  1. Gas Range and Cooking Tools

Whatever the cuisine your restaurant is offering, a stove is an integral component. A large four to six-burner stove along with the basic tools such as pans and pots will suffice in whipping up dishes.

  1. Ventilation System

For proper ventilation and air quality, a hood and ventilation system must be installed into every cooking space.

Importance Of A Commercial Kitchen Refrigerator

A refrigeration system is a crucial component of any F&B business. A commercial kitchen refrigerator is the most popular solution for storing perishables such as dairy, fish, and even cooked products. By using this appliance, you can rest assured that your customers will be served dishes that meet safety standards.

Ranging from refrigerators to freezers and cold rooms, simply consider the space available and storage demands of your food establishment and install a durable refrigeration system.

Why Choose K&Q Fatt?

At KQF, we will work with overseas partners to attain brands that our customers prefer. By offering superior quality products and services, we aim to deliver the perfect refrigeration solution to you.  Our commercial kitchen refrigerators and freezers run on a constant temperature so that freshness is maintained. Contact us today and discuss with our professional consultants on available models that can be customised by our skilled engineers and designers to better suit your needs.