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Frequently Asked Questions


Identify if the type of refrigerator comes with self-evaporation. If the fridge does not come with the self-evaporation feature,  periodic emptying of the water tray would be required (usually 2-3 times a day). Alternatvely, verify if drainage pipe is placed into the drain/floor trap.

If the fridge comes with self-evaporation feature, perform a visual check on the drainage pipe to ensure it is directed into the self-evaporation container. Alternatively, make sure that your appliance is level on the ground.

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1. Verify if the fridge is on. 

2. Ensure that the temparature controller is switched on.  

3. Ensure that the contents in the fridge e.g. boxes/frozen food blocks the evaporator/vents where the fans are situated in the fridge. This is to ensure that cold air inside is able to circulate. 

4. Verify if there is any ice build-up inside the fridge. If so, perform a manual defrost on the fridge to melt the ice.

5. Ensure there is sufficient space (at least 100mm) between the fridge and the wall behind. 

6. Ensure the fridge is not in direct sunlight or is close to any source of heat.

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Chillers are to be maintained at 3oC to 8oC and freezers are to be maintained at -18oC

Most fridges run 24/7. A well maintained fridge can last up to many years under proper servicing and maintenance. 

We recommend that your fridge be checked and serviced minimally twice a year.

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