Café Equipment Checklist Rundown

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Café Equipment

Café Equipment Checklist Rundown

From ethically sourced beans to rustic furniture, there are several items needed in a coffee shop. Getting your hands on a industrial grinder, espresso machine, and drip coffee makers will surely aid baristas in creating the perfect cuppa. Likewise, a quality commercial café fridge is just as important.

When running an F&B business, especially with a café, it is important to purchase equipment designed and built specifically for the task at hand. Given the vulnerable nature of fresh coffee beans and perishable products that are normally utilised daily, proper storage and refrigeration systems are needed. In the F&B industry, commercial fridges are the only appliance that does the job of storing food correctly at low temperatures. Commercial café fridges are thus essential for adhering to good food safety practices, as a simple domestic refrigerator will not suffice.

Café Fridges That Make A Statement

Enveloped in the sweet aroma of roasted coffee beans and a calm ambience, modern café fridges will work as an investment piece and add to the sleek nature of a coffee shop.

When selecting a café fridge, several factors come into play. It has to provide functionality. As mentioned, the right fridge has to be chosen to store, preserve, and maintain the freshness of products in cool temperatures. It must also be streamlined so baristas have easy access to products and can serve customers quickly. And finally, it has to suit the aesthetics of the store. Almost acting like the centerpiece of the premise, it has to fit the design and scheme of the shop for visual appeal.

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