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Uses Of Commercial Chest Freezers In Singapore

Before purchasing a commercial chest freezer in Singapore, one must understand how its differs from a domestic fridge:

1. Lids and doors

A domestic fridge comes with a vertical door that allows cool air to escape when opened. With the increased internal temperature, electricity is consumed to re-cool the fridge. This is avoided with our commercial chest freezers in Singapore Since cold air sinks, no cool air escapes it when its horizontal lids are opened.

2. Insulation layer

A commercial chest freezer has insulation layers that are approximately three times thicker than domestic fridges commonly used in Singapore. The thicker the insulation layer, the lesser the amount of electricity used to maintain the internal temperature.

3. Temperature

Lids and insulation layer aside, the thermostat of a standard fridge is set at around 5°C while it is set at around -18°C in chest freezers. Since freezing foods is vital in protecting them from bacteria and mold, a cooler temperature will preserve contents longer.

As an economical option for supermarkets, F&B establishments and even homes, the low temperatures of these commercial chest freezers in Singapore are great for storing bulky items, ice cream, meats and vegetables for the long term and easily access them when needed.

Our Selection Of Commercial Chest Freezers In Singapore

From commercial chest freezers with a sliding glass top to ones with stainless steel tops that allow for food preparations, KQF Singapore has an array of refrigeration solutions to meet the needs of homes, supermarkets, F&B establishments, and commercial catering. Our glass top options such as the combined island freezer doubles as a display showcase, ideal for easy customer access.

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