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Fit Out Your Kitchen With Commercial Ovens in Singapore

A commercial grade oven is one of the most important components when running an F&B business in Singapore. With the right appliance fitted in your establishment, you can efficiently prepare appetisers, sides and entrees efficiently, as orders are coming in.

At KQF, you can find ovens with a wide range of features to suit your volume. If you face the problem of running out of space in a traditional oven, look for one that comes with ample trays. Or how about a small convection oven that frees up available space in an overcrowded kitchen? With a side opening or tilting doors, you can effectively layout your kitchen for maximum efficiency.

Finding the best convection or commercial bakery oven is important for your business. That is why we offer these cooking appliances that are packed with features that are tailored to unique needs. Whether you are looking for one that allows for a quick reheat, or a dedicated commercial bakery oven for churning out high volumes of delicious baked goods, you will definitely find something you are looking for. While browsing for the right oven for your F&B establishment in Singapore, check our other commercial kitchen equipment, too!

How to Clean a Commercial Oven

Due to the constant cooking and heating, commercial ovens are usually the workhorses of any restaurant or cafe. With vigorous use, grease and food particles can get trapped in hard-to-reach areas. This can lead to a flavour and performance issues if this debris is left to accumulate. To prevent such problems, it is important to schedule frequent cleaning for your convection or commercial bakery ovens.

1. Daily Cleaning

A simple way to keep the ovens free from grime and grease is to do a daily wipe down of any visible surfaces before your kitchen closes. You can then leave the oven door open to air and dry overnight.

2. Crumb Control

Crumbs are prone to being trapped in the nooks and crannies of an oven as food enters and exits frequently. Some crumbs may even catch fire when overheated. To prevent this from happening, always remember to clear away large particles of food once you spot it.

3. Internal Cleaning

Apart from wiping down the surface, it is good to do an internal cleanse with the help of a commercial oven cleaner, or simply water left to steam within. The steam can then help to dislodge food particles and grease, making cleaning easier.

Buy Convection Ovens from KQF

Our convection and commercial bakery ovens are easy to maintain and clean. With removable racks and easy-to-reach surfaces, cleaning out your oven is a breeze - perfect for busy business owners in Singapore! We also offer maintenance packages for your commercial kitchen equipment to ensure that your oven lasts for years to come.

Contact us to find the best convection oven for your F&B business in Singapore today.

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