What is a Display Chiller? | Refrigeration Options In Singapore

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Display Chiller

What Is A Display Chiller? | Refrigeration Options In Singapore

A display chiller is used for storing and preserving goods in cool temperatures while merchandising them to customers to boost sales. A standard chiller is built for storing drinks, fruits, milk, pastry, cake, and more. Bakeries in Singapore use this appliance to attractively present their baked goods while restaurants lay out meat or fish dishes with convenience of product selection in mind.

Generally set between 3 and 8°C, a display chiller also meets the required temperature of 4°C and below for chilled and cold ready-to-eat food storage in F&B retail outlets. Food outlets are encouraged to implement a Cold Chain Management (CCM) system to abide by the food safety requirement set by Singapore. The practice of CCM ensures that the optimal temperature of food products is constantly maintained. Even when displayed, a product has to be placed in temperatures and humidity levels that will maintain freshness and taste of the product. Therefore, besides being a great appliance from a point of sale position, it is an ideal equipment to keep products at optimum freshness till served.

Choosing The Right Display Chiller For Your Business In Singapore

With a range of display chillers available for sale in Singapore, choosing the right appliance based on your needs is important. From budget, size, number of shelves, type of doors, to even the number of doors, the option that best suits your business goal and customer needs would make an ideal choice. Simply ensure that the supplier is a trusted source and can meet your needs.

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Make your products look appetising to customers with a display chiller. Used by many food outlets in Singapore, this appliance will positively affect your business sales. Contribute to revenue growth by assuring customers food safety and quality and extending the shelf life of products. Contact us for refrigeration and food equipment products and services.