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Keep Flowers Fresh With Chillers In Tropical Singapore

One of nature’s best gifts to mankind are flowers. Beautiful and enchanting, fresh-cuts have the impeccable ability to evoke emotions and bring joy. Though vulnerable and ephemeral, steps can be taken to make these beauties last longer.

The most practical elixir to preserve flowers is a floral chiller. Given Singapore’s warm climate, the storing methods can either make or break a bloom.

With floral enthusiasts constantly innovating tricks to extend the lifespan of their blooms, nothing beats the efficacy and results of a flower chiller, like ours in Singapore.

From bleach soaks, hairspray, to even Sprite, fresh-cuts are said to best thrive in cool temperatures.

Thought to slow down the aging process and water loss, flowers are kept frozen in time in chillers regardless of summer-bound Singapore.

Therefore, providing clean water and storing flora in coolers could make the biggest difference in maintaining its freshness.

Top-Grade Flower Display Chiller For Florists In Singapore

Every florist understands the fragile nature of flora, the importance of proper storage and aesthetics. Besides its susceptibility to temperatures, exposure to ethylene gas can affect the development of blooms.

Our flower display chiller in Singapore comes with a built-in ethylene regulator that prevents the gas emitted by flowers and ripe fruits from speeding up the deterioration and aging processes of fresh blooms.

Our chillers made for flowers also have thermostats adjustable to be set below 5°C, making storage of fresh-cut blooms a walk in the park. Creating a bouquet that moves customers is a testament to one’s floristry. Displaying them in an illuminated area, like our LED-lit flower display chillers, is vital in capturing the attention of potential customers.

At KQF Singapore, our products have features that preserve flowers in a modern showcase, so your floristry can be on display forever.

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