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Soft-serve Machines

Produce Heavenly Soft Serves With Commercial Ice Cream Machines

Nothing beats the summer’s heat in Singapore like a smooth, creamy, and flavourful frozen treat. Keeping freshly churned frozen dairy at a cool temperature is vital in producing a creamy product.

A commercial ice cream maker is thus the best way to make these rich swirls. With its constant cool temperature and internal whips that churn, you can avoid the crystallisation of any soft serve or frozen yoghurt mix and consistently serve silky smooth desserts that will melt in your mouth.

Why Choose Commercial Ice Cream Gravity Feed Machines?

When choosing commercial ice cream makers, two options are available: pump and gravity-feed machines. The main difference between the two equipments is in the amount of air that is incorporated into the soft serve or frozen yogurt mix.While a liquid mix is freezing in the freezing cylinder, air will be mixed in while the soft serve is whipped to perfection.

Gravity machines, like those offered by K&Q Fatt, can mix in approximately 30% air, allowing 1.3 litres of soft serve to be yielded from a one-litre mix. The flavour of mixes shines through with this air to mix ratio, producing stronger, more intense taste compared to pump machines. Moreover, gravity-feed commercial ice-cream machines have fewer components - making them more affordable, easier to use, clean and maintain.

For Commercial Ice Cream Makers, Get In Touch With KQF

Looking to produce rich and smooth soft-serves? Our range of commercial soft serve ice cream machines are ideal for businesses looking to add ice cream, frozen yogurt, or artisan frozen desserts to their menu.

Our soft serve machines are estimated to produce 200 serves per hour, efficiently meeting the demands of customers.

From single flavoured dispensers to Two flavour dispensers including a twist option, we are certain you will find the equipment that perfectly suits your demands. Get in touch with us by calling (65) 6253 7737 or simply fill in our enquiry form.