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Engineering Construction Procurement (EPC) of New Cold Rooms

The KQF design team has years of extensively accumulated amount of industry knowledge, expertise and professional experience in construction and designing of various types of cold rooms.  

At KQF, we offer one-stop services starting from a general intention, extending to the best project plan, a design plan and finally  for engineering installation, testing, commissioning and following it all up with after-sales services.

At each and every stage of the project, our team will readily provide feedback and updates to ensure that your projects are up to date and progressing well. 


Dismantle & Reinstall Refurbish/Existing Cold Room Sytems

As competitive and passionate designers, we ensure that our clients receive a first class service. Our highly skilled engineers will go the extra mile to check and ensure that minimal works to be done should you wish to dismantle or refurbish the existing cold room systems.

With rising costs construction and maintenance, our team will go through the numbers with you to ensure that the costs achieve their ROI within the shortest possible time. 


Design & installation of blast chillers and freezers

Blast freezers shorten the amount of time foods are exposed to room and high temperatures, reducing the risk of infectious bacteria from developing. Blast chilling on the other hand helps preserve freshness and flavor. A customised and bespoke blast chilling system is important for factory made perishable food preservation.

Benefits of blast freezers/chillers

  • Preserves produce, pasta, seafood and meats
  • Protects against foodborne illnesses
  • Preserves essential nutrients in foods
  • Economic investment for restaurant owners
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Fast freezing capabilities 

High Quality Blast Freezing Rooms will Last for Years

A successful businesses depend on top-notch, walk-in food storage freezers and industrial blast freezers to meet the high standards for food-safety in our local context. Our commercial-grade blast chilling systems are individually designed for you and your business, and our team of industrial refrigeration technicians represent the best blast chilling system installers in the custom cooling industry.

  1.   Dedicated, bespoke design & installation
  2.   Precise temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted operations and functionality

At KQF, we strive to develop our in house refrigeration technology with an aim to continually improve and help business owners keep their perishable food fresh. Blast chillers are able to lower foods to the proper temperature at a faster rate which creates better food safety control than conventional commercial refrigerators. 


After sales service & maintenance

AT KQF, we develop after sales service maintenance plans from the customer perspective. We also provide customers operational and safety training to ensure that all worries about cold storage projects are minimised.

  • After installation and debugging, we will provide customers training of cold storage operation process and other matters that need attention until customers can use them independently.

  • Certificate of completion and relevant technical instructions will be handed over at delivery. 

  • The standard warranty period for equipment is 12 months after acceptance and our techinical teams will address all problems during the warranty period to our best ability. 

  • Our staff who provide after-sale service will maintain communications with customers regularly to ensure system is up and running. Our team will send out reminders for servicing of equipment at regular intervals to ensure that the equipment are in tip-top conditions.