Stainless Steel Upright Combination Chiller and Freezer YD-021FCS-LP

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YUDA Stainless Steel Upright 2 Doors Combination


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Save space, chiller & freezer


  • Dimensions: W760 x D800+50 x H2040 (mm)
  • Capacity: 600 Litres
  • Temperature: 2~ 8 / -18 to -21 oC
  • Electrical: 220V/50Hz/1-Phase
  • Socket: 13A 
Type2-doors chiller & freezer4-doors chiller & freezer6-doors chiller & freezer
Dimensions (mm)W760 X D800 +50 X H2040W1210 X D800 +50 X H2040W1818 X D800 +50 X H2040
Capacity (L)6009701480
Temperature (oC)2 ~ 8 / -18 ~ -212 ~ 8 / -18 ~ -212 ~ 8 / -18 ~ -21
Plug113A13A13A no sharing / 15A

1 Electrical wall socket(s) to be provided by customer within 1-meter from equipment, do not share equipment with heating equipment

  • Blower System
  • Digital controller
  • Durable castor wheels
  • Stay-open doors for easy loading and removal of goods
  • Self-evaporation feature does not require drainage pipes (optional)
  • Automatic defrosting; no manual removal of ice required
  • Replaceable door seals / gaskets
  • Polyurethane thermal insulation CFC free

Commercial refrigerators (chillers) and freezers are essential for storing your fresh ingredients especially in cafes and bakery, catering operations.

Save valuable kitchen space with the combination unit which comprises of both freezer and chiller compartments. 

Each unit is equipped with sturdy shelves to keep the items properly organized. Shelves are adjustable so you can adjust them to the height to fit your food cartons. 

The doors come with a stay-open feature making it easier for reloading of goods. The digital controller is installed on the front allowing easier control and monitoring. Durable castor wheels with brakes allow easier manoeuvre.

Thanks to the self-evaporation feature (optional), you can do away unsightly water drain pipes or frequent emptying of drainage tray.